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GATE 2014-No More An Engineering Test

 Every year, the number of candidates appearing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) are rising by a large number and surprisingly, this year the number of GATE candidates enrolled in the examination increased from 7 lakhs to 13 lakhs. But an interesting point to note here is that all these examinees do not appear in the test for merely getting entrance into the various M Tech  or M.E. courses, many of them go through this entrance test to achieve a high GATE score for getting  a Job  in  Public Sector Units PSU’s. Majority of these candidates aim for a high GATE score to make their Resume more appealing and interesting. To eliminate this, a senior IIT Kharagpur official said that changes will commence most probably in the year 2014 and these changes may include the introduction of prelims and mains for the GATE exam from the year 2014.
A committee consisting of nine members from the IIT’s and IISC Banglore has been set up to look after these changes and this committee feels that only after securing a certain cut off marks, the candidate will be allowed to sit in the main exam. These changes will mainly focus on reducing the number of candidates appearing for the exam. GATE is primarily held for MTech or M.E. programme aspirants and not for the job seekers. Hence, the committee members are designing the new rules keeping this objective in the mind. There is an inadequate infrastructure to hold the test on the same day for all students. Thus, the committee members have also been entrusted to modify the course model. An IIT Kharagpur official informed that the first meeting of this committee is yet to be held.
The committee is looking to make some more efficient changes in the system for example the committee might look for holding the examination for multiple days instead of commencing it on the same day. Till now the online test was held on one day and the written test was conducted on the other day. As per the new test scheme, the screening test shall consist of aptitude test and physics, chemistry and geology and the candidate will be allowed to sit in the main test only after clearing this screening test. Biswajit Maiti, convener of the GATE restructuring committee said that the date for the GATE 2013 test has been fixed and these changes if made will be implemented in the 2014 examination.
Looking forward to these abrupt rises in the number of candidates appearing in the GATE test the committee feels that some changes are extremely necessary to be made in the GATE examination procedure as in the year 2011 GATE had nearly 6 lakh aspirants while in the year the number of candidates increased by one lakh and in the year 2011, this number reached 11 lakh. The committee strongly feels that this rise in the number of candidates appearing is directly related to the PSU Job seekers.


Hi frndz GATE 2013 results are released Just few hours back...
So,Go through anyone of these below links..
there by u can check ur results...


GATE 2013 Result Statistics

Hi Frndz GATE 2013 results have been announced just a few hours back...
this is analysis of GATE 2013 results..
Hope it'lll be benificial for GATE 2014 batch...
A total of 12,00,728 candidates registered for GATE 2013 and 9,84,855 candidates
(82.02%) appeared for the exam, of which 1,36,699 (13.88%) have qualified GATE 2013. Women candidates comprised 39.75% of the total registrants while Men candidates comprised 60.25%.
(Hover on the graphics to see some details)
Overall Gender-wise DistributionMenWomenOther04000008000001200000RegisteredAppearedQualifiedNumber of Candidates
Overall Category-wise DistributionGNOBCSCST04000008000001200000RegisteredAppearedQualifiedNumber of Candidates
The three-hour test was conducted on two days over four sessions in total. The computer based online exam for 2,02,223 candidates in fifteen papers was conducted in 572 centers spread over 123 cities and towns across the country on 20th  January 2013. The offline exam for 9,98,505 candidates in the remaining six papers was conducted in 992 centers spread over 183 cities and towns acrossthe country on 10th February 2013.
A larger fraction of the registered men appeared (88%) for the exam than women candidates (72%). Nearly 81% of the total number of candidates who appeared for GATE 2013 were from four papers: Electronics and Communication Engineering (2,56,135), Computer Science and Information Technology (2,24,160), Mechanical Engineering (1,65,814) and Electrical Engineering (1,52,381).
Men AppearedAppearedAbsent88.4%
Women AppearedAppearedAbsent27.6%72.4%
Paperwise AppearedECCSMEEECEINBTCHXL1/326%22.8%15.5%16.8%
Women form 20.9% of the total qualified candidates. As per the candidate supplied category (General, OBC-NC, SC, and ST) information, among the qualified candidates, 72,125 belong to General, 41,237 to OBC-NC, 18,936 to SC, and 4,401 to ST category. Physically challenged candidates comprise a total of 1,136 among the qualified in various categories.
Genderwise QualifiedMenWomenOther20.9%79.1%
Categorywise QualifiedGNOBCSCST13.9%30.2%52.8%
Paperwise QualifiedECEEMECSCEBTINCHXL1/326.6%18.5%12.8%18%
The top five States that had qualified candidates as their permanent residence are Andra Pradesh (22,476), Uttar Pradesh (22,400), Maharashtra (9,951), Bihar (9,820), and Kerala (8,992).
Permanent Statewise QualifiedAPUPMHBRKLWBRJMPTN1/316.4%16.4%
Fifteen Public Sector Units (PSUs) have signed an MoU with IIT Bombay to receive the official GATE 2013 results across various papers for employment screening purposes. Qualified candidates need to apply separately to each of the IITs and IISc to seek admission to post graduate programmes.
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