Saturday, 29 December 2012

Process to make IDM full Version

Hi Guyz this is the best process  To make Ur IDM as Full Version..

1. Download and Install the latest version IDM and open it.
2. Navigate to  "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etcon your computer.
3. In the "etc" folder you will find a file with name "hosts"
4. Now right click on the Hosts file and choose "properties" and Navigate to "security" tab on the property window.

5. Now click on "Advanced" and Navigate to "owner" tab on the Advanced Security Option.
6. Click on "edit".
7. A new window will be opened. There you will find a table asking for "change Owner to". Now change there to your local user on which you logged on.(e.g. USER-PC or anything on your system. Not the Administrator user)
8. Below that you will find an check box "replace owner on sub containers and objects".
9. Just tick the check box.
10. Now apply all the modified setting. During apply the changes it will show an message "You dont have the permission to read the file or the contents of the directory. Do you want to change the permission of the file or folder to full control. All permission will be replaced if you press ok". Just Ignore the message and press OK.
11. Now again Right click of mouse on the "Hosts" file and choose "properties" then Navigate to "security" tab.
12. Now click On "Edit" on the  "Group or User Names" section.
13. A new window for permission will be opened.In the permission window choose the logged or local user and  in the "Permission For User"  tab  tick on "Full Control".
14. Now apply those changes. And click on "ok"
15. Now open the "Hosts" file with notepad and Copy the below bold letters and paste it in the hosts file.

16. Now save the hosts file. If you are experiencing difficulty in saving the hosts file then you must learn about take the ownership of the file. After taking the ownership it will be saved easily.

17. Now open Your Installed IDM application.  Click on "registration" on the menu bar and choose "Registration".

18. When you click on registration, Now a new window Will be open ask your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.
19. Enter your First name, Last Name, Email address in the required field. In the serial key field enter any of the following given below

20. And click on ok to register. that is it. Now your latest IDM become full version with the registration.

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