Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Changes In GATE 2014

There has been a lot of speculation about a major change from GATE 2014. To know the details regarding the changes that are going to be affected from GATE 2014, I did some research from all official  sources leaving media stuff aside. I could figure out the following things.
1. GATE is going to change drastically.
There will be entire new type of exam going to happen, as I read in a report by MHRD, saying that they are in consultation with an international and experienced test origination for GATE and NET exams. I guess it’s Prometric, that conducts GRE and TOFEL kind of exams.
2. A two level Exam. 
GATE mains is mostly expected to be GRE type and GATE Advance (names might change) would be subject exam.
3. First Paper
First paper would be like GRE (consist of math and aptitude and may have some flavor of subject) scores can be same as GRE too. I would cover more in coming posts on that topic. PSUs and other organizations can recruit using these scores.
4. Second paper
Second paper would entirely be based on Subject and M.Tech admissions are based on the scores in second paper. To appear for second paper one need to be above certain cutoff in first paper.
5. Previous Degree Marks
GATE scores could also consider earlier degree marks for making final scores.
When this change is going to happen
As I feel Govt. is looking for it to start from GATE 2014. This will be clear after GATE notification is issued. I expect mostly first paper would be computer based and second paper can be paper based.
How To Prepare
If you are looking for start preparing for GATE 2014 I would ask you to start looking into aptitude and maths first as they are expected to be part of GATE in both the case. Have an eyes on GRE aptitude and maths sections in your free time. Do start looking into basics of core subjects too.
I would give more details on this as soon as some updates come from official sources like MHRD reports or government sites. 

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